Company B

6th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment


Fellows, Albert R.

      First Lieutenant

Smith, James C.

      Second Lieutenant

Allen, Herbert B.

      First Sergeant

Gilson, Frank V.

      Quartermaster Sergeant

Lawrence, George H.


Ewen, Alexander S.: Mustered into service as a Sergeant in Company B, no date; appointed as Regimental Color Sergeant, no date.

Lawrence, Sumner B.

Stevens, George A.

Trombly, George H.


Cutler, Albert C.

Derby, Walter A.

Ferson, Arthur M.

Fisk, Herbert N.

Lewis, George H.

Littlehale, Richard C.

Meekham, Ernest C.

Moore, Fred S.

Phillips, Albert J.

Robinson, William J.

Sherwin, Marvin W.

Sunbury, Arthur L.


Scanlan, John T.


Lane, Clinton T.


Hamburg, John

Hutchinson, Scott G.


Akeley, Charles E.

Anderson, Charles

Bailey, Walter A.

Balch, Fred L.

Bigelow, William C.

Bonny, Ralph W.

Bourne, Benjamin F.

Brewer, Charles H.

Briscoe, William D.

Burnett, Henry J.

Cairns, Malcolm

Campbell, John H.

Carroll, Edward P.

Chase, Frank M.

Cook, Arthur H.

Crossman, Leon H.

Coulter, Joseph

Coulter, John E.

Cutting, George Tyler: Died in 1898. [Born on August 7th, 1874, in Palmer, Massachusetts; moved to Clinton, Massachusetts, in 1880; moved to Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1883; moved to Clinton, Massachusetts, no date; employed at the Bigelow Carpet Company; employed as a Finisher at the Jewett Piano Factory, no date; died in 1898.]

Damon, Ralph E.

Darch, Alfred J.

Downey, Jeremiah E.

Due, William E.

Dufort, Edward G.

Edwards, Clarence A.

Ferrin, Levi L.

Fillebrown, Harry E.

Fitzgerald, Percy H.

Foote, Freeman

Foster, Charles W.

Frayer, Hugh

French, George A.

Gilbert, Frank

Gunn, Charles W.

Harley Jr., Robetr

Hathaway, Charles H.

Hoffman, Harry M.

Hunt, Alvin S.

Horton, Myron O.

Jewett, William S.

Johnson, Charles L.

Johnson, Carl C.

Johnson, Walter B.

Kent, Frank W.

Kirby, Ollie F.

Kittredge, Arthur M.

Knight, Walter S.

Knox, Edward C.

Lancey, Edwin B.

Latimer, Andrew J.

Lett, Stephen H.

McCornisky, Charles F.

Moffitt, John H.

Moody, Jesse A.

Newcombe, George H.

Nute, John B.

OBrian, Richard D.

Orr, John M.

Preston, Albert A.

Reed, Harvey

Robertson, George L.

Rossner, Louis

Schlott, Gustav A.

Smith, Scott L.

Snow, David A.

Still, Roland L.

Syme, Robert

Talbot, Joseph R.

Tarbell, Harry A.

Thomas, Charles A.

Tierney, William T.

Vosburg, Walter H.

Wadsworth, John W.

Washer, Ethan H.

Watson, Frank L.

Way, Allan

Webb, Edward C.

Webber, Rolllin F.

Weir, Alexander

Wheeler, Ernest N.

Whitman, Stephen A.

Williams, George

Young, Leon E.C.

Younglove, William K.


-          Pages 298 & 299, The 98 Campaign of the 6th Massachusetts, U.S.V. Lieut. Frank E. Edwards; Boston, Massachusetts; Little, Brown, and Company, 1899.

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